Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Marks Awarded

Technical 50% (Marks out 10)
• Routine (range of tricks, transitions and floor moves)
• Technical Ability of Tricks (difficulty and control of tricks performed)

Artistic 40% (Marks out of 10)
• Musicality, Timing and flow (musical interpretation, rhythm flow of routine throughout)

Presentation 10% (Marks out of 10)
• Personality (manner, enthusiasm and general character of the participant)
• Presence (how they engage the audience and judges
• Originality (level of individuality compared to other participants)
• Costume (look and suitability of the outfit)

2015 Judges TBC

2014 Judges


Theo Robertson, Aberdeen, Scotland has been pole dancing for three years but only found his style at the start of the year. He has also been learning contemporary/disco freestyle dance for the last six months. His pole achievements are: 2nd place Miss & Mr Pole Scotland 2013; 1st place winner of Edinburgh competition 2014; 1st place Miss & Mr Pole Scotland 2014; recently qualified for the finals of Mr Pole Fitness UK 2014 Prior to taking up pole dancing, Theo was a bodybuilder; since taking up pole, He reduced his size and geared all his training towards specific pole strength moves. Flexibility training is also his new-found love.


Since winning at the International Pole Championships in 2012, Deb has travelled the world performing, teaching workshops and training alongside many incredibly talented pole dancers, performers, choreographers and artists.

Today a happy and vibrant woman, Deb was born in Australia - with limb difference. She suffered anxiety and depression from childhood up until her early twenties. Transitioning from a career in Information technology to one as a performing artist pursuing her passion has completely transformed her life.

As a child, Deb as she lacked the self-confidence to perform with coordination and grace, but took up lessons at Sydney Dance Company in 2005 with very different results. After first seeing pole dancing in a nightclub in 2006, she approached the performers, who became Deb’s first two teachers. She went on to win her first amateur pole dancing title in 2009. In 2007, Deb began her exploration of the circus arts, including contortion, acrobatics, trapeze and lyra.

Deb thrives on the challenge of mastering pole and circus skills in her unique body and loves finding new ways of inspiring her students and audiences to push beyond their perceived limitations. She’s currently enjoying helping people all over Europe explore their Limbitless Potential.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEbg0huAYks

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