Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Technical (Max 20)
• Routine – range of tricks, transitions and floor moves
• Technical Ability of Tricks – difficulty and control of tricks performed

Artistic (Max 20)
• Musicality, timing and flow– Musical interpretation, rhythm and flow of routine throughout.

Presentation (Max 10)
• Personality – the manner, enthusiasm and general character of the participant
• Presence – how they engage the audience and judges
• Originality – level of individuality compared to other participants
• Costume – look and suitability of the outfit with routine

2016 Judges

KAY PENNY is the Chairwoman of The World Pole Dance Association, co-organising 2015’s World Pole Sport & Fitness competition in Beijing, China & more recently the World Championships in Bucharest September 15th & 16th 2016.
Kay is also the owner, founder and Managing Director of Pole Passion Ltd (www.polepassion.com), and is responsible for bringing pole to men and women as a pole art form and dance for fitness.
Kay is the owner and creator of Miss Pole Dance UK 2005

Kay created Pole Passion Ltd in 2003 with a passion to pass on her experiences and passion for the pole, promoting the very talented and ambitious from beginner students to the World champions, like Felix Cane, double world champion. Kay adapted the early pole techniques, inspired by exotic dance in the beginning, introduced pole fitness techniques and constantly affirming her vision by achieving national accreditation for both her instructor training qualifications in 2007 with Skills Active.
Her programmes are shared and learnt by men and women all over the world with a continual passion along with her dedicated and experienced team. Women from all over the world now train with Pole Passion. He Accreditations are valid in all of Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia & USA.

She formulated and founded Miss Pole Dance UK Championships in 2005 & Mr Pole Fitness UK competitions. She is creator of World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships from 2009 (Jamaica). She developed the synchronised doubles category in 2010
Passionate about the health and well-being of students and instructors alike she created a First Aid Pole Sport Specific course in 2010 – the first of its kind.
She is a member of Equity, Fitness Industry Association (FIA), UK Active, Sussex Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Member of Pole Fitness Association USA, International Pole Sports Federation chair of Events 2009.
She is a qualified first aider, pole specific and continues to teach weekly pole fitness lessons where she is most happiest.
She wrote the first Code of Pole Practice specific to professionalise pole fitness.

She is co inventor of the RPole, one of the first free standing portable poles specific to pole fitness and dance techniques, without a platform stage and the only pole which incorporates a safety mat as standard. The RPole also is the only pole currently built to British and European safety standards.

She is actively involved in Teacher training and assessing in both Pole and Burlesque Dance techniques. Kay has appeared on National and International TV :- BBC, Sky Bravo TV and local radios and many times has been featured in local and national newspapers and magazines.
She is a presenter and public speaker for pole fitness and over the years supports cancer charities 4 times per year and has raised thousands of pounds for such charities to include McMillian, St Lukes Hospice, Breast Cancer Awareness, Wear it pink. She has taken the RPole to the top of Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the UK to support her chosen charities.
Each year Kay is passionate about networking and supporting another countries and sharing each other’s culture, well-being and knowledge.


Daniel Rosen is the very proud owner of IFA Pole and Aerial in Hemel Hempstead and has been turning himself upside down and spinning round a pole since 2008.

As the current holder of one international and 12 UK championship titles, Dan is a veritable fountain of pole-related knowledge. There's nothing he doesn't know about spins, tricks and getting flexible. Dan takes safety in pole very seriously and is always trying to improve his knowledge to make his classes the safest they can be.

Dan also travels extensively, teaching workshops right across the UK. He is very well known for his friendly, easy-to-understand teaching techniques and is famous within the pole industry for his signature tricks masterclass.

Dan has no previous gymnastics, ballet or any kind of dance training and is living proof that you don't have to be a gymnast to be a good pole dancer.


Pammie Cameron is owner of up yer pole studios, which started 9 years ago as the largest pole school in Scotland, teaching classes in 7 locations. She then moved to essex where she launched her pole & hoop classes, at the peak in her career she had 17 fully qualified teachers and soon became the largest pole school in Essex!
Pammie is founder of Miss and Mister Pole Scotland which has been running for the past 4 years. She has judged pole competitions all over uk for past 5 years as well as hosted many heats!
Pammie cameron photography launched over a year ago when she completed her diploma in photography. Pammie travels up and down the country photographing some major pole events & competitions.
She has recently been appointed as Pole Sports Uk's marketing manager which she is excited about taking on.

Craig Wilde
For over twenty years Craig has popped up on our TV screens, whether in his adopted home of Scotland, or more recently on live Bingo Tv Entertainment Channel 'Bingo Studio Live’ .

From guest appearances on BBC RADIO Scotland, Lanarkshire TV & STV, to being the focus of Documentaries such as THIS SCOTLAND: 'OUT IN SCOTLAND' ( Square Go Productions/STV) and 'CLUB NAKED @ FRUITFLY' ( LTV) , Rapture Tv and MTV Dance - Craig has never been shy of the Camera! Today he combines Tv Presenting, with Managing the Global Voice Over Agency Qvox, and voicing everything from Video Games to Cartoon series and Tv Documentaries...

Alongside his TV work he has produced and promoted some of the worlds largest Club Brands both in the UK, Ibiza and Mainland Europe, From Renaissance to Fruitfly, TRADE to HED KANDI, working with World Class Cirque Performers and Dancers to most of the worlds top 100 DJ’s.

In 2006 Craig he managed DIY DIVAS Pole Dancing Schools ( Newcastle S. Shields, Glasgow & Edinburgh) & judged the Scottish Pole Championships 2015
He trained at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire - as an actor, Dancer & Singer As an Entertainer and Actor he got my first pro job aged 8 & has been performing on stage since the age of 6

Craig is a Pro, He is about the 3 S’s of Entertainment.. Spectacle, Showmanship and Skills which he will be looking out for in your performance…and he definitely is WILDE!


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